How to Remove Smoke Smell from a Home

The smell cigars or cigarettes spread all over the home, carpet, furniture, clothes and shoes. The odor leaves a residue that you carry on in your clothes that causes you discomfort when you put it on. Or say you are at a party, and you walk across the smoking lounge this also can leave an odor on your clothes and even shoes tend to absorb the cigar smell too.

Removal of odor at home

Try and prevent smoking at home if possible at all. But below are some simple and easy in the carpet and furniture.

  • Keep small bowls of vinegar or ammonia all around the house, ensure that it is placed in a safe place to keep them away from pets and children
  • Sprinkle small amounts of baking soda in the carpet, this will soak up the smell of cigarettes all while using an exhaust to remove air from the house
  • Indoor plants help in circulating fresh air and improves the quality of air in the house. Chrysanthemum, Peace Lily, Bamboo palm and other plants aid very well in this issue.

Removal of odor from clothes and shoes

Major causes for this has a simple solution, quit smoking. Below are a few workarounds that will eliminate the odor from clothes and shoes.

  • Use a smoking jacket to protect your shirt, your arms and neck area, this is will keep you and your clothes away from the stinky odor
  • A separate wardrobe to keep your clothes and shoes that smell of smoke, if you put it in the same wardrobe. The cleaner clothes tend to absorb the cigar smell from other clothes.
  • Wash your clothes and use fabric sheet when drying the clothes in the dryer this keeps the clothes fresh and smells lovely too
  • Take a shower right after you return from the party filled with smoke this will remove dirt and cigar odor from your body easily.